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About Us

We are a focused company that offers a powerful combination of products along with the software to make them useful. Providing high level of expertise to our clients when performing consulting and project management services. Our products range from Consulting & Project Management, Asset Management, Asset Bar-coding, Risk Management, Supply Chain Management, Warehousing & Inventory Management, Procurement, Policy Development, Pharmaceutical Stock takes, Mobile App Development and a number of valuable skills development programs.

As the company grows it will take on people and consulting work in related markets becoming more diversified, and as a business, we understand the needs of public and private organizations. We also understand the needs of setting special time apart from other events in our lives to further empower or gain skills we don’t have to better perform at the workplace.

Why Choose Us?

  • Strong Formal Methodology: Developing strong formalized training methodologies for all services like policy and procedures, hierarchy roles in the organizational structure: qualifications and duties, confidentiality control, and feedback reporting: finished product
  • Promotion and Marketing: Starting with what we know, our first offerings are based on our expertise reaching a large targeted market then expanding our offerings, spring boarding off current credentials
  • Operations and Liability: Maintaining low overhead and liability by: maximizing abilities and simplifying roles, assessing the market and initiating with "high end" targets, strong investments in quality equipment vs. cost, space and supplies, and finished products.
  • Service standards: The company maintains the highest standards of quality and services in research, technology and product development, thus our commitment to services and quality is the basis for our reputation as the nations leading service provider
  • Research: products are carefully researched to ensure that the expectation of clients is met. We believe in building long term partnerships with the most innovative and forward-looking organisations. Our success is founded on repeated business; we listen to our customers and deliver as they require.

Our Services

Service offering to our clients

Mobile app development

We use the appsheet no code low platform for app development. You can view our appsheet partner portfolio page at  www.appsheet.com/portfolio/111951


If you want to develop your soft skills or looking to further enhance your current hard skills look no further. We provide training program such as Microsoft Office Suite training, Microsoft PowerBi & much more.


We provide consulting service in areas of Supply Chain Management, Asset Management etc.


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